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Software License Agreement

- The Software License Agreement is used when a Developer licenses software directly to an end user.
- This agreement is normally used with more sophisticated software that is licensed to commercial users.  It is not intended for use with "pre-packaged" software or software sold through mass market channels.  If you need a license for pre-packaged or mass market software, use Home and Business Attorney Prepackaged Software License instead.
- Developers of highly sophisticated software often market their software directly to end users, either through an internal sales force or through sales representatives.  Completion of the sale and grant of the license often involves at least some negotiation between the developer and the licensee.

When You Need It
- To allow a software developer to license software directly to an end user.  

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name and address of the person receiving the software.
- Name and address of the person providing the software.
- Description of the software being licensed.
- Details of the agreement, including restrictions, license fees and any warranties being extended.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the agreement.
- To draft another Software License Agreement.