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Beta Test Agreement

- The Beta Test Agreement is used by the developer of a new software or computer hardware product to arrange for a test and evaluation of the product prior to release.
- A qualified user that has not been involved in the design or development of the product can provide valuable feedback on the product's functionality and usability.  
- Approaching a potential beta test user and requesting that the user sign a beta test agreement is different than marketing and selling the final release version of the product.
- The beta test user may have some risk in testing the product, such as possible loss of data, effect on other computer programs or disruption in the beta user's regular business tasks.  
- While the application Beta Test Agreement provides that the developer is not responsible for loss or damage from such events, it is always wise to fully disclose to the beta test user in writing, prior to the beta test, all of the potential risks and recommendations as to how to avoid them.

When You Need It
- For the developer of software or hardware to arrange for testing of the product by a user.  
- The beta test is usually conducted by someone known to the developer of the product, often a current customer of one of the developer's other products.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name and address of beta tester.
- Name and address of the software and/or hardware developer.
- Description of the product being developed, length of testing and period of time the tester will keep all testing information confidential.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the agreement.
- To document another beta test agreement.