Testimonial Consent and Release

- The Testimonial Consent and Release is signed by an individual to acknowledge consent for the use of a personal endorsement of an advertiser's product or service.
- Before using any testimonial, it is important to secure consent from the individual speaker.  It is not enough that an individual has written you a letter praising your product or has spoken to you with positive comments.  To reuse those statements in an advertising context, the person who wrote or spoke them should first give consent.
- The Business Attorney Testimonial Release form is very broad and grants the advertising company considerable rights.  You may wish to outline the proposed use of the testimonial in letter form to the individual to whom you are sending the Consent, along with a customized copy of the Testimonial Consent and Release.  
- If you propose to use a picture of the individual in your advertisement, you will also need consent for the use of that individual's likeness.  Business Attorney provides a Talent/Model Release for that purpose.
- Also note that if the person providing the testimonial is a child (not yet 18 years of age), you should have the child's parent or guardian also acknowledge consent. 

When You Need It
- To provide to an individual to give consent to an advertiser to use the individual's statements in connection with the promotion of a product or service.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name and address of the entity wishing to use the picture.
- Name and address of the model.
- Product or purpose for which the picture is to be used.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the Release.
- To document another release.