Co-Op Promotional Agreement

- The Co-Op Promotional Agreement is used to arrange for an in-store or special promotion with a retailer or other entity.
- Manufacturers, distributors and other companies involved in selling goods have devised inventive ways to promote their products, such as a seller working with a large retail chain to promote products in a wide geographic area.  
- Regardless of the promotional activity, it is important that the party selling the goods have a binding contract with the promotional partner.  A contract helps to ensure that the promotion is run at the right time, and runs all the way to completion.  
- A good agreement makes it clear that the promotion must be conducted correctly and protects you if it is not fully performed.  

When You Need It
- To arrange for a special promotion between a manufacturer or distributor of goods and a retail chain or other marketing organization.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name and address of the party selling the product.
- Name and address of the party whose product is being sold.
- Details of the product being sold, the terms of the promotional activity, beginning and ending dates of the promotion.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct or change the information contained in the Agreement.
- To create another Agreement for use with another vendor.