Purchase Order Terms

- The Purchase Order Terms document provides a set of terms and conditions to go with a purchase order.  A purchase order should always include a set of terms.
- A purchase order comes from a buyer, and is the buyer's offer to purchase.  For this reason, a purchase order is an opportunity for the buyer to specify terms favorable to the buyer.  If the buyer does not specify any terms, this provides an opportunity for the seller to specify terms that tend to favor the seller, or leaves the terms in doubt.
- Complete both the Purchase Order and the Purchase Order Terms, and have them professionally printed.  Have the Purchase Order printed on the front of the form, and have the Purchase Order Terms reduced and printed on the back of the form.  This provides a useful purchase order form with terms favorable to the buyer.
- Purchase order forms are usually printed on "no carbon required" paper with multiple copies for various company departments.
- The Business Attorney Purchase Order terms are typical of many buyer oriented purchase order forms.  While the standard terms included provide a useful form for buyer, all of the terms should be reviewed by an attorney to ensure that they are suitable and that they take into account your company's unique situations and the way in which your purchases are carried out.

When You Need It
- To provide all the necessary terms and conditions for a Purchase Order.  A purchase order form should always include a set of terms.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name of the company who is using the Purchase Order.
- Review each item in the document and revise as may be necessary to fit the particular needs of your company.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the Purchase Order Terms.
- To amend the terms to respond to needs of the business.