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Tenant's Notice Terminating Tenancy

This notice is used by a tenant who is unable or unwilling to complete the terms of a lease, or to give written notice to the landlord that the tenant is choosing to end the landlord/tenant relationship.

When You Need It
-This notice letter is used to formally tell the landlord that the tenant is vacating the premises and wants to be relieved from any further obligations to pay rent.  
-The tenant may wish to end the tenancy because he or she purchased a home, is moving to a new location, or has decided to move away from the area.  
-When communicating to the landlord that he or she would like to cease paying rent for the leased premises, the landlord will then be under an affirmative duty to try to re-let the premises which may assist the tenant in reducing their obligation to pay rent in the future.  

Getting Started
-Check your lease carefully to see whether there is a clause detailing this process used when attempting to terminate your lease prior to the end of the stated term and/or or consult your local landlord-tenant agency for assistance.
-If there is a stated process, follow each and every requirement.
-You will need the name and address of the landlord, the date the original lease was signed and an explanation for your early termination of the lease agreement.

When to Review and Revise 
-If changes are necessary to the letter prior to signing and sending it to the landlord.
-If you have not correctly followed the requirements of the lease regarding your early termination.