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Sportsman's Property Use Agreement

The Sportsman's Property Use Agreement is completed between a land owner and an individual to arrange for hunting or fishing privileges on the land owner's property.  
This permission may be granted with or without compensation to the land owner.

When You Need It
-When you own undeveloped land and want to allow friends and others (a licensee) to hunt and/or fish on their land.  
-When you want to hunt and/or fish on land owned by another person and want to put your agreement in writing.

Getting Started

You will need:
-The name and address of the land owner and the licensee (the individual who wants to hunt and/or fish).
-A description of the property on which the hunting and/or fishing will take place.
-All details regarding the use of the land, such as any fee to be paid, whether the use is exclusive, whether guests are allowed, etc.
-If you are the land owner, investigate liability insurance coverage for hunting accidents on your land which involve the licensee and any guests.  
-The licensee should consider the need for liability coverage for personal injury or property damage he or she may cause while on the owner's property. 

When to Review and Revise 
-If the terms and conditions of the Agreement change after it has been reviewed and signed by the parties.
-If a new lease is needed to change the terms and conditions of the Agreement, or if the Agreement is to be used for another property.