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Quitclaim Deed

This Quitclaim Deed form is used when one party conveys an interest in real estate to another party.  
This conveyance is done without any promise about the interest that is conveyed or even whether the transferor has any interest at all.

When You Need It
-In most real estate transactions, the buyer desires to obtain the maximum ownership interest and the promise from the seller that no one will later challenge the buyer's ownership interest.  This kind of conveyance is usually made through an instrument known as a general warranty deed.  
-A quitclaim deed is rarely accepted by a buyer as the sole form of conveyance when buying land.  It is usually used only in family situations or to correct possible technical defects in the title to the land.  
-A quitclaim transfer must be in writing to be enforceable.  
-While each state has its own particular established forms for all kinds of deeds, including quitclaim deeds, this form is of the type used in nearly every state.  When acknowledged before a notary public and recorded, it should make a proper quitclaim conveyance.  

Getting Started

You will need:
-The name and address of the person transferring the property.
-The name and address of the person to whom the property is being transferred.
-The exact legal description of the property being transferred. 

When to Review and Revise  
-To revise and mistakes made the document before it is filed.
-To use the form for another property being transferred.

   -More information is available regarding this document by clicking here.