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Moving Tips and Checklist

The Moving Tips and Checklist is designed to help you prepare for and  plan a household move.

When You Need It
-The Moving Tips and Checklist is a list of items designed to help you organize your move, along with tips to help make your move easier and less expensive. 
-It can be useful for a short move or a cross-country move, regardless of whether you are moving yourself or hiring a professional mover. 

Getting Started
-Review the tips and checklist as soon as you know your move is  pending.  
-The planning process begins no less than eight weeks before your move date.  
-Mark on your calendar the dates that relate to checklist items to remind you to refer to the checklist throughout the planning stages.
-If you hire a moving company, remember to ask for their moving kit and advice.  

When to Review and Revise 
-If changes occur in the date, location or type of move you are planning.