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Homeowners' Association Proxy

The Homeowners' Association Proxy is used by a home or condo owner to authorize another person to attend and vote the owner's interests at a homeowners' association meeting.
The law calls a person authorized to vote for another person a \"proxy\".  The document in which that person is appointed is also called a proxy.

When You Need It
-It may not be possible for a homeowner to attend a special or annual meeting of his or her homeowners' association.  
-This proxy allows the owner to send another person to attend and vote, just as if the owner was there in person.

Getting Started
-Check the association bylaws for any special requirements on the number of witnesses, whether you need to file a copy with the association's secretary, or whether you may be required to use the association's form.  
-The association may also have rules about who may serve as proxy.  Often the association bylaws will require that a proxy also be an association member.  
-Make sure your proxy can attend the meeting and understands how you want to vote.  These meetings can be lengthy and sometimes contentious, so make sure your proxy knows what you want him or her to do.

When to Review and Revise 
-Each time you create a new document when you require a proxy to vote in your place.
-If the rules of the association regarding who may serve as proxy and/or what is required in the document change.