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Tenant's Notice Terminating Tenancy- Month to Month Rental

- The Tenant's Notice Terminating Tenancy is a letter to be used by a tenant to provide notice of termination of a month-to-month tenancy.
- The law in most states provides that a tenant without a written lease, or a tenant that has stayed over the end of a lease term, is a month-to-month tenant.  A month-to-month tenancy can be terminated by either the landlord or the tenant upon giving the required notice.  
- Check with your attorney to see if there are any special requirements in your state for providing the notice of termination.  You should also refer to the written lease, if any, to see if it includes any notice requirements.  
- If there is no written lease, or if the written lease does not have any particular notice provisions, be sure to give at least 30 days prior notice.  
- In most cases, providing the written notice of termination does not relieve you of your obligation to continue to pay rent.  In particular, a written lease agreement may prohibit the tenant from applying the security deposit to the last month's rent.  

When You Need It
- To be used by a tenant terminating a month-to-month rental agreement.  
- This form letter may be used by either a commercial or a residential tenant.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name and address of the landlord.
- Description of the leased premises.
- To determine how you wish your security deposit to be handled.  
- Date the termination is effective.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the notice. 
- To draft another Notice Terminating Tenancy.