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Landlord's Rules and Regulations

- This document is intended for use with commercial tenants.  It provides rules for all tenants in a building or development project concerning common issues.  The rules are designed to ensure the proper enjoyment of the building for all of the tenants and to maintain value and marketability for the landlord.
- A standard set of rules and regulations can help to ensure that the commercial property is well maintained and that all of the tenants are held to the same general standards.  To be legally effective, the tenant's promise to comply with the landlord's rules and regulations should be set forth in each tenant's commercial lease agreement.  This is normally done by including a provision in the lease whereby the tenant agrees to comply with the rules.  
- Remember to attach a set of landlord's rules and regulations to each lease.  If you find it necessary to modify the rules and regulations, mail a revised set of rules to each tenant and keep a copy of your cover letter.  This will help avoid any argument by a tenant that it was never advised of a change in the rules and regulations.

When You Need It
- To document the established rules of a landlord for all commercial tenants in a building or development project.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name of the landlord.
- Review the proposed rules and regulations to ensure they meet your needs and the needs of your tenants. 

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the Rules and Regulations.
- To revise the Rules and Regulations to comply with changes in business or in the law