Holiday Policy

- The Holiday Policy is used  to formally establish a company policy regarding holiday time off for employees.
- As a general rule, an employer is not required by law to give employees time off for holidays or pay a premium rate for time worked on holidays.  Most employers do, however, provide employees with paid holidays.  
- Like all employer policies, the Holiday Policy should be adequately communicated to all employees.  Providing a clear written policy on holidays helps to avoid confusion or doubt about what the employer expects of the employee and gives the employee some assurance that holiday time will be available.
- Reasonable eligibility rules are also a good idea.  Some companies set a minimum period of employment, coinciding with a new hire's probationary period, to receive a paid holiday. 
- Federal law requires an employer to make reasonable accommodation for an employee's religious beliefs.  Therefore, the employer has an obligation  to schedule work in a way that will allow the employee to observe religious holidays.  If any questions arise as to what should or should not be considered a religious holiday, consult an employment attorney.
- This Holiday Policy is not appropriate for governmental employees or employees subject to a union contract.  With government employees, holidays are usually set by law or some government wide policy.  Holidays for union employees are almost always established in the union contract with the employer.  If you manage government employees or union members, make sure you are familiar with these special holiday policy issues.
- Each state has also passed laws with unique holidays and for celebrating some holidays on a Monday.  Like the federal government list, only state employees are directly affected.  However, many private employers choose to follow their state's schedule.  Consult with your state's department of labor to determine what holiday's your state requires you to observe as well as any other special rules regarding holiday observance. 

When You Need It
- To establish a written policy about the availability of holidays for all employees.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name of the company who is enacting the policy.
- Review each item in the document and revise as may be necessary to fit the particular needs of your company and/or employees.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the policy.
- To amend the policy to respond to changing business climates, new laws, etc.