Employment Application

- This Application for Employment may be used by companies taking applications for general employees.
- Any company that periodically hires employees is recommended to establish a regular process for gathering and maintaining information on prospective employees.  This can help to prove compliance with affirmative action laws and other hiring regulations.  
- The information requested on the application is specifically designed not avoid any requests for information that may violate any employment related law.  Employers should review their employment application forms and other forms periodically to ensure compliance with all laws, including such matters as equal opportunity employment and affirmative action.
- The form also assumes that the company may undertake an investigative consumer report.  These investigations are usually performed by third parties that make general background checks on the applicant's criminal record and other matters relevant to the applicant's character and reputation.  

When You Need It
- For use by companies for general employment purposes.  
- The Application for Employment can be easily adapted for a specific employer.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name of the company using the application.
- Title of the individual who makes employment decisions on behalf of the company.
- Review each item in the document and revise as may be necessary to fit the particular needs of your company.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the application in response to changing laws or regulations.