Conflict of Interest Guidelines

- The Conflict of Interest Guidelines is a set of rules for your employees to follow to avoid a conflict of interest.
- New employees should fully understand the conduct and behavior that the employer expects.  Communicating appropriate policies and procedures can help eliminate unacceptable behavior and work habits, and may be helpful if becomes necessary to dismiss employees who cannot meet minimum standards.
- This document assists the employee as well because it makes it clear which behaviors are unacceptable, and helps the employee to stay out of potentially risky situations.
- New employees should read and sign the guidelines.  The signed document should be permanently retained in the employee's personnel file or other appropriate corporate records.

When You Need It
- To create a formal policy to inform new employees of potentially harmful situations, and to make it clear that employees are to avoid these situations.
- The Conflict of Interest Guidelines describe fourteen different situations which may be modified to cover situations which may be faced by employees of a particular company or industry. 
- The Conflict of Interest Guidelines are also helpful with independent contractors (consultants).  Companies may choose to have independent contractors sign the Conflict of Interest Guidelines document as a part of the consulting relationship.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name of the company who is enacting the policy.
- Review each item in the document and revise as may be necessary to fit the particular needs of your company.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the guidelines.
- To amend the policy to respond to changing business climates, new laws, etc.