Letter to Remove Your Name from Telemarketing Lists/More Info

Letter to Remove Your Name from Telemarketing Lists
Additional Information

New FTC Rules

The National Do Not Call Registry is open for business, putting consumers in charge of the telemarketing calls they get at home. 

The Federal Government created the national registry to make it easier and more efficient for you to stop getting telemarketing sales calls you don't want. You can register online at http://www.donotcall.gov if you have an active email address. You can call toll-free, 1-888-382-1222 (TTY 1-866-290-4236) from the number you wish to register. Registration is free.

The Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Communications Commission, and the states began enforcing the National Do Not Call Registry on Oct. 1, 2003.  Placing your number on the National Do Not Call Registry will stop most, but not all, telemarketing calls.

Direct Marketing Association

Also the Direct Marketing Association, a trade group of companies and advertising agencies that are active in direct marketing, can help.   Phone calls from marketers that are not members of this association will not be stopped.  Simply contact the Directing Marketing Association (DMA) headquarters by writing to them at 1111 19th Street NW, Suite 1100Washington, DC 20036-3603 or by contacting its web site at http://www.the-dma.org/consumers/dmasponsorship.html to have your name deleted from many direct mail or telemarketing lists.  You can mail your request that you be removed from mail and telemarketing lists to the following addresses:

For direct mail marketing: 

Direct Marketing Association
Mail Preference Service
PO Box 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008.

For telemarketing: 

Direct Marketing Association
Telephone Preference Service
PO Box 9014
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014.

You can also make your request online at the above DMA website to remove yourself from mail lists through DMA's Mail Preference Service (MPS), to remove yourself from telemarketing lists through DMA's Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and to remove yourself from email lists through DMA's E-mail Preference Service (EPS).

The Direct Marketing Association claims that you should see a reduction in the amount of direct mail you receive in about 90 days.  If you have other questions or want to make a complaint about an association member, call the Direct Marketing Association at (202) 861-2410.

Other Resources

If you are experiencing more serious problems, such as fraud or credit card problems, you should contact your state's consumer protection office.  There is a list of these offices, with phone numbers and other valuable contacts, in the Home Legal Guide - Consumer Matters topic 'State Consumer Protection Resources.'  A number of other private organizations also can help with consumer problems.  See the Home Legal Guide topic 'Private Consumer Protection Resources' for a list of resources that may be able to help you.