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Organ Donation Statement

The Organ Donation Statement is used by an adult to make a written declaration of a gift of one or more organs, and other body parts, upon their death.
The donor may specify who will be responsible for the disposition of the gifted parts and how they may be used.  
This statement is generally more detailed than the one on a driver's license, and is also easier to amend.
Note that the law does not generally permit a person to profit in the sale of body parts.  

When You Need It
-If you decide you wish to donate one or more of your organs, or other body parts, upon your death.
-If you wish to specify who is to receive any such donation.

Getting Started
-You will need the title and the effective date of the Organ Donation Statement being terminated.
-You will need the name, full address and the Social Security number of the individual whose Organ Donation Statement is being terminated.
-You will need the full name and address of the individual to whom you will provide a copy of this document.
-You will need each of the two witness's full name and address.

When to Review and Revise
-It is recommended that you do not update any existing Organ Donation Statement, but rather terminate any existing documents using the Revocation contained in this program and then executed a new Organ Donation Statement.
-Changes in your desires for donation.


-More information is available regarding this document by clicking here.