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Medicare Part B Denial Appeal Letter

This letter is used by a patient to appeal the denial of Medicare Part B benefits.  
The purpose of the letter is to fully explain the reasons for the appeal, and the reasons the beneficiary believes that he or she is entitled to benefits under Part B.  
The letter may also serve to formally advise the healthcare provider, or intermediary, that a good faith basis exists for coverage under the Medicare program.
If you have any question with respect to whether or not the benefits should have been provided by Part A or Part B, consult an attorney immediately.

When You Need It
-If you have been denied coverage under Medicare and feel there is coverage for the claim.

Getting Started

You will need:
-The name and address of the individual or company receiving the letter.
-The Medicare beneficiary name, Medicare number, date(s) the care was provided and the type of care provided.
-The details and documentation which supports coverage.

When to Review and Revise  
-When additional facts are discovered which support coverage.
-When used as a follow-up letter to the original appeal letter.
-If another denial of benefits occurs.