Agreement for Legal Services - Contingent Fee

The Agreement for Legal Services - Contingent Fee is used when a person or business with a claim against someone else is hiring a law firm to work on a contingent fee basis.
This form should be used when the lawyer's right to collect a fee is "contingent" (i.e., conditioned) on recovery of some amount. 
A contingent fee arrangement is appropriate only if the client has a civil claim against some other party, such as being injured in an automobile accident where you are seeking money for the repair of an automobile, medical bills, and pain and suffering.  

When You Need It
-If you have a claim you want an attorney to bring against another individual or company where you are seeking to recover money damages.
-To clearly define what is expected of both parties before representation by the attorney begins. 
-If your attorney does not suggest a written agreement, you should.  
-If your lawyer does not prepare a written agreement for you to review, then you should submit one to him or her.  

Getting Started

You will need:
-To carefully review all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, making sure you fully understand the responsibilities of both parties.
-Discuss the various terms contained in the Agreement with the attorney including such matters as the scope of the representation, the percentage to be paid to the attorney if you prevail, who will pay expenses and how, etc.  You will be guided through these issues in the Interview which follows.

When to Review and Revise 
-If a change needs to occur in the terms and conditions of the representation stated in the Agreement.


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