Stock Power

A Stock Power is a written authorization made by the owner of a security (usually stock) to the issuer to sell or transfer the security.
It is most often used by the beneficiaries under a will or trust who become owners of the stock after the original owner has died.  
It may be also be used by an individual who owns stock to authorize someone else to complete the transfer to a new owner.   
This can also be used to transfer stock from a person's individual name into the name of that person's revocable trust.

When You Need It
-When you wish to sell or transfer a security instrument, such as stocks or bonds.

Getting Started

You will need:
-The type, class and certificate numbers of the instruments being sold or transferred (stocks or bonds).
-The name and address of the person transferring the stocks or bonds.
-The name of the issuing company or organization.
-The amount of stocks or bonds being sold or transferred.
-The name and address of the new owner(s).

When to Review and Revise 
-To correct any information in the Stock Power document as it cannot be modified once it is signed.
-To document the transfer or sale of other stocks or bonds. 

-More information is available regarding this document by clicking here.