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Request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement  
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The Social Security Administration tracks your earnings every year of your working life.  If you are disabled or when you retire, you are entitled to certain benefits.  The Social Security Administration calculates these benefits individually.  The amount of your Social Security benefits is based upon your lifetime Social Security earnings (including the amount of the contributions you have paid in and the amount contributed on your behalf by your employers), your birth date and your age upon retirement.    

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration sometimes makes mistakes.  If the Social Security Administration has not properly accounted for your earnings, you may get lower benefits than you are entitled to receive.  

To ensure the Social Security Administration has properly tracked your earnings, use this form to request an Earnings and Benefits Statement.  If the Social Security Administration has not given you credit for all of your earnings and payments, you can contact them and correct the problem.  If you wait until you apply for benefits and then discover the problem, it may be very difficult to get timely, complete correction of your records. It is much easier to fix mistakes while you are still working - records are readily available and you are not dependent upon the benefits. 

In the same statement including verification of your earnings, the Social Security Administration will also estimate the amount that you can expect to receive each month upon your retirement.  The amount is an estimate only, as it is based on a number of factors that may or may not prove to be true during the remaining years leading up to your retirement.  For example, your benefits will ultimately depend upon the age that you actually retire, your earnings during the years remaining to your retirement, and the formulas used by the Social Security Administration to determine benefit payments.  Consequently, remember that the amount reported to you by the Social Security Administration is an estimate only and may be higher or lower when you retire. 

Following is the text included with the Social Security Administration's regular Request for Earnings and Benefit Statement form.  Review this material.  When you open the document itself, you will also find all of the text from the Social Security Administration included with the printed form.  In addition, you will find instructions at each Decision Point (i.e., blank) on how to complete the form.  Remember, it's important to sign this document in ink.  The Social Security Administration may refuse your request if you do not sign in ink.  
Mail the completed form to: 

Social Security Administration 
Wilkes-Barre Data Operations Center 
PO Box 7004 
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18767-7004