Refusal of Credit Card Charge

This letter is used to inform a credit card issuer that the consumer is challenging the validity of, or refusing, a credit card charge.  
Most credit card issuers allow the consumer a certain time period to challenge or refuse payment of certain charges.  
During the pendency of the challenge or refusal, as a general matter, the card issuer does not charge interest or finance charges.  
It is advisable that you review your credit card agreement with the credit card issuer to confirm the terms and conditions of refusing credit card charges.  

When You Need It
-When you want to formally advise a credit card issuer that you are challenging the validity of, or are refusing the payment of, a charge on your credit card account.  

Getting Started

You will need:
-The name and address of the company to whom you are sending the refusal.
-The type, number and expiration date of the account on which you are refusing the charge.
-The details of the purchase or charge you are refusing and the reason for the refusal.

When to Review and Revise 
-To correct the information contained in the letter.
-To document the refusal of another purchase or charge.