Notice of Lost Credit Card

The Notice of Lost Credit Card is used to give written notice to a credit card issuer that a card is missing.
Most banks and other issuers provide toll free numbers to report lost and stolen cards.  Call that number immediately after you discover your card is missing.  
You may be liable for unauthorized charges, but may have no liability if you inform the issuer of the loss before the unauthorized charges are made.  Sending this letter promptly can limit your liability.  (Issuers often print notice of these and other special rights and privileges on the back of statements.) 
Even if you call, follow up with a letter. With a copy of this letter, you have written evidence that you notified the issuer.
Make sure you mail your notice letter to the right address.  The address for notices usually differs from the address where payment is mailed.  
Send your notice of lost credit card by certified mail, return receipt requested. This provides better proof that the notice letter was sent and received.
If all your credit cards are stolen, send separate letters for each card.

When You Need It
-To report a lost or stolen credit card to the issuing company.

Getting Started

You will need:
-The name and address of the company that issued the card.
-The cardholder's name and address and account number.
-The date you first noticed the card missing and the date you called to inform the company of the lost or stolen card.

When to Review and Revise 
-To correct the information provided in the letter.
-To report additional card as being lost or stolen.