Letter Disputing Credit File/More Info

 Letter Disputing Credit File 
Additional Information
Provided below is the contact information for each of the "Big 3" credit bureaus.  The Home and Business Attorney recommends that you call before sending your dispute letter to make sure that you are following the correct procedures. 

Attn: NCAC 
P.O. Box 2106 
Allen, TX  75002 
Telephone:  (800) 682-7654 - Automated information line 
                    (800) 422-4879 - To speak to a TRW representative 

Remember to include the identification number from the credit report along with the name of the creditor.   

  Trans Union Corporation 
P.O. Box 34012 
Fullerton, CA  92634 
Telephone:  (714) 738-3800 

P.O. Box 740256 
Atlanta, GA  30374 
Telephone:  (800) 685-1111 

You may also fax your letter to (770) 612-3494, but you must use the Equifax research request form that comes with your credit report (more on this below). 
You may also use this letter to dispute a credit file maintained by a local credit bureau.  Call the local credit bureau first to get the correct address and other instructions. 

It may also be appropriate to send a copy of the letter to the creditor or creditors that may have supplied the misinformation. 

Each of the "Big 3" promises to send a "research report" or similar form with your credit report.  The research report is for inquiring about matters in your credit report.  If you receive such a form and find a problem with your report, Home and Business Attorney recommends that you follow the directions provided with the form, and complete and send the form along with your dispute letter.  This will help ensure the matter is investigated and corrected, and also helps you verify the correction.  This helps to ensure that your rights under the FCRA are protected. 

After a credit problem is resolved, the credit bureau is not obligated to send you a copy of the corrected report.  Although this letter includes a request for the corrected report, it may be necessary to follow up with another separate request.  Maintain a personal file of all correspondence for at least a year in case problems reoccur.