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Investment Club Bylaws
Additional Information
Approval of Bylaws 
Club members may approve bylaws at any time after the partnership agreement is signed.  It is common to approve bylaws at the club's first meeting, but some clubs wait for later meetings when all capital contributions have been paid and the club has some experience about operational matters. 

Do not assume that Home and Business Attorney Bylaws form restricts club members from adopting any provision the members want.  For example, because the club meetings involve social as well as business functions, a club may want to include a provision that one meeting each year will be held with spouses, at a restaurant or, for very successful clubs, at vacation site.  Use this bylaws form as a catalyst for discussion about other provisions that members may include to make the investment club more enjoyable for all. 

Form of Agreement 
Although these bylaws usually accompany the Investment Club Partnership Agreement found in Home and Business Attorney, they can be used with any similar form of agreement.  Most importantly, the user should carefully review the agreement and the proposed bylaws to make sure that none of the provisions conflict.  Although the Bylaws include a provision designed to make the language of the partnership agreement controlling, it always best to prepare the Bylaws (or amend the partnership agreement, where necessary) to avoid any conflicting provisions.