Investment Club Bylaws

The Investment Club Bylaws are used with an Investment Club Partnership Agreement to create more specific rules for the operation of the club than are normally found in the Investment Club Partnership Agreement.
Before a club can have bylaws, the club must be legally formed.  The legally entity is created only when the partners (i.e., the members of the club) have signed the partnership agreement.  A club is not formed by simply signing or approving the bylaws; there must first be a legal club entity.  
The Investment Club Partnership Agreement is a binding contract among the club members to create the partnership entity and establish the fundamental rules for the investment club.  These agreements do not usually address operational issues that all investment clubs confront from time to time.  

When You Need It
-After forming an Investment Club, this document must be created to specifically address the operational issues of the Club. 

Getting Started

You will need:
-The name of the club, how the club may invest, details for payment of dividends, and the meeting date.
-Review the standard terms and conditions of the Bylaws to ensure the meet the needs of the Club.

When to Review and Revise 
-To correct or make necessary additions to the Bylaws prior to adoption.
-To revise the Bylaws to conform to changes in the Club which may occur in the future. 

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