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 Challenge to Adverse Credit Action  
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A number of federal and state laws insure that everyone shall have equal access to credit.  These laws work in a number of ways.  They prevent discrimination in providing credit, require complete disclosure of credit terms and fairness in credit reporting, and guarantee the right to know why credit has been denied.  

These laws are not self-operating.  If you think that you have been a victim of some illegal or unjust credit action, you must exercise your rights.  Begin by using this letter to find out why the credit provider took the adverse action. 

Three big national companies, and many more regional and local ones, keep a credit file for most U.S. residents.  In many cases, credit is denied because the credit provider has relied on inaccurate or incomplete information in a personal credit file.   

To avoid this problem, experts recommend that you review your credit file annually and promptly correct any problems.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumer many rights, including the right to have inaccurate information removed from your file.  

This program includes a Request for Credit Report letter to help you get your credit report.  If there is a problem, refer to the Letter Disputing Credit Report to get that problem fixed.