Settlement Agreement (Uncontested)

- The Property Settlement Agreement is used by a couple that will divorce or separate to make a written agreement regarding disposition of property, payment of support (alimony) and matters concerning minor children.
- Signing the agreement does not terminate the marriage.  While this agreement defines the terms for a separation, there can be no divorce until the parties take the appropriate steps in state court.
- This Property Settlement Agreement is useful only if the couple has a fundamental understanding of who will get what property, if there will be maintenance and how much, and the care and support of any minor children.  

When You Need It
- Use this document if you are divorcing and have reached an agreement with your spouse on issues involving property division, any payments to be made, and the care and financial support of any minor children.

Getting Started
- Walk through the question sin the Interview for this document to give you an idea of the topics you and your spouse will have to agree upon before you can complete this document.
- When you have come to an agreement on all issues, go through the Interview once again and answer each the question.  

When to Review and Revise 
- To ensure the document accurately reflects the agreement reached between you and your spouse prior to signing and filing the document.
- To revise the document should the parties discover new information or change their agreement on any of the stated issues.