Sample Custody And Visitation Order

- This sample order contains excellent language designed to definitively resolve potential custody and visitation conflicts that usually arise in the highly contested divorce. 
- When both spouses are engaged in a highly contested divorce, they usually spend a substantial and unnecessary amount of time and money fighting and contesting various issues related to their right to custody of and visitation with their children.

When You Need It
- If you are contemplating a divorce, this document will help you understand the important issues which will be addressed by the Court when a final decision is issued regarding child custody and visitation.

Getting Started
- The best way to use this document is to thoughtfully reflect on each issue raised and provide the information you would want entered in the Court's final order.  
- Using this document will also help you understand the various issues you will have to address in the child custody and visitation issues in your divorce.

When to Review and Revise 
- To remind yourself of the child custody and visitation issues you will have to address during the process of your divorce.