Husband's Divorce Workbook

- The self-help tools and questions will allow you to assemble all of the important and necessary information your attorney will need for your divorce. 
- Gathering this information as soon as possible will give you the best opportunity to obtain a favorable custody and visitation order, a reasonable child support order, and a fair distribution of the assets and liabilities of the marriage 
- Provide all information requested or discussed in the workbook and give it to your divorce attorney at your first meeting and be sure to keep a copy for yourself.
- Your attorney will not be able to complain that you did not provide them with the information they needed in a timely manner because you will have a written record of the information you provided at your first meeting.   

When You Need It
- If you are contemplating a divorce and need to gather all the necessary information for your attorney to file the necessary court documents as soon as possible.

Getting Started
- The best way to use this workbook is to thoughtfully reflect on each question and provide the best answer possible.  
- If you do this before you have your first meeting with your attorney, you will place yourself in a position to obtain the very best outcome possible for you in your divorce, and you will pay substantially less in attorney fees than someone who does not utilize this workbook to its fullest.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the workbook, prior to delivering it to your attorney.
- To ensure all information contained in the workbook is as complete and      thorough as possible.