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- The Bylaws document provides a set of operating guidelines for a corporation.  Bylaws establish the rules governing the management of a corporation, such as annual meeting dates, quorum requirements, and officer's duties.  
- Each corporation must adopt a set of bylaws shortly after the corporation is formed, usually at the first meeting of the Board of Directors.  
- The bylaws serve to establish many procedural standards for the corporation, such as the date and location of annual stockholders and directors meetings, the mechanism for calling special meetings, set quorum requirements, establish voting standards and procedures, identify basic officer positions and the general duties of each office.
- Each state has laws governing who may adopt the corporation's initial bylaws.  In most states, only the board of directors may adopt the initial bylaws.  In other states, the authority to adopt the bylaws is given to the incorporators, or sometimes even to the shareholders.  
- The Additional Information on this document provides a list of states, with each state's rules on who may adopt the initial bylaws.

When You Need It
- To be used as the Bylaws for a corporation in Delaware or in a state whose law follows the Delaware corporation law.
- These bylaws are appropriate for corporations.  They are not appropriate for other forms of business organizations such as limited partnerships, general partnerships or limited liability companies.  

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name of the corporation.
- Location of the registered office of the corporation.
- Details of when the annual meetings are to occur.
- Details regarding the members of the Board of Directors.
- To review the Bylaws contained in this document to become familiar with the proposed rules and regulations which will govern your corporation, and change any rules which do not fit you particular situation.
- Consult with an attorney if you make substantial changes to this document to make sure you are operating within the law of your State.

When to Review and Revise 
- To correct the information contained in the Bylaws.
- To draft another set of Bylaws for another corporation.