Temporary Guardianship of Minor Child/More Info

Temporary Guardianship of Minor Child
Additional Information

Selecting and Instructing Your Guardian

Parents should take care in selecting the temporary guardian.  Be sure to pick someone who is responsible, and who has the time and energy to care for your child.  Make sure the prospective guardian will not be called by work to leave town or otherwise be unavailable.  Give your guardian full and complete instructions as to the care of your child.  Those written instructions should include at least the following:

- The name, address and phone number of a friend or relative who can serve as an alternate guardian if the named guardian has an emergency.  You also need to make sure your alternate can serve in case of some emergency.

- Names, addresses and phone numbers for preferred pediatricians, hospitals and pharmacists.

- Carefully spell out any special health problems, food and drug allergies, religious considerations, and other special matters of which the guardian should be aware.

- List phone or fax numbers where you can be reached.  On business trips, remember that your employer's office may be helpful in reaching you, so leave the name and phone number of an office contact, too.

Important Reminder

Among the most important information to leave with the guardian is medical insurance information.  Be sure to include: Insurance company or plan name, policy number, claim number and other relevant medical insurance information. Your guardian may need this information to provide to the doctor or hospital, or to notify the insurance company about the problem.  You may want to photocopy your insurance card and leave the copy with your guardian.

You may also want to use the Home Attorney Child Care Instructions form to gather and organize information for the guardian.


The Temporary Guardianship of Minor Child form provides for start and end dates for the temporary guardianship.  However, the guardianship can also be terminated at any time, either by notice to the guardian or by returning and taking the custody of your child.