Temporary Guardianship of Minor Child

- The Temporary Guardianship of Minor Child is used by a parent or legal guardian to provide another adult with the authority to deal with the child's medical and other needs while the parent or guardian is away. 
- It is not unusual for one or both parents to briefly travel or otherwise be unavailable for a short time to care for a minor child.  In the overwhelming majority of cases, the relative or friend that cares for the child is not confronted with any emergency or special problems with which to deal.  
- Unfortunately, an injury, sudden illness or other problem may arise.  In those cases, it is important for the caretaker to have written evidence of his or her authority to deal with these special problems.
- Without some document that expresses the guardian's power to deal with these issues, a doctor or hospital may delay to provide medical treatment until convinced that the parent will not later make some claim.  
- Even if the treatment is necessary and appropriate under the circumstances, a parent could later argue that the guardian exceeded his or her authority and that the doctor or hospital should not have acted upon the guardian's instructions.  
- With this document, most medical personnel will feel comfortable acting upon the guardian's instructions, and the child can receive timely care.  If you have any questions, consult with your child's doctor before you complete the document and leave town.

When You Need It
- When you need to authorize someone else to take care of your children temporarily while you are unavailable.
- When you need to give someone else power to make decisions regarding your children.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Names and address of parents authorizing the temporary custody.
- Names and address of Caretakers.
- Names of all children covered under the document.
- The length of the temporary guardianship.
- Any special circumstances involved in the temporary guardianship.

When to Review and Revise
- When needing to revoke and revise the Caretaker's power.
- When changing caretakers.
- To add or remove children from the document.