Small Claims Court Worksheet

- This small claims worksheet assists someone who is contemplating filing a claim in the small claims court.  
- The worksheet asks a variety of questions designed to elicit the information needed to prepare for and file a small claims action.  
- The worksheet also provides tips on preparing for a hearing and how to present the case in court.  
- The small claims worksheet is a necessary tool for anyone thinking of filing a small claims lawsuit.  It is designed to ask the same questions that a judge or magistrate is likely to ask.  
- Use of this checklist will ensure proper preparation before filing the action and before appearing before the judge.

When You Need It
- If you want to file a claim against someone owes you money and who is unwilling to pay.

Getting Started

You will need:
- Name of the person, address and country where the person being sued resides.
- Name, address and country of the person filing the suit.
- Detailed information about the claim.
- Any attempts at settlement.
- Listing of all damages, including total monetary damages.

When to Review and Revise
- When considering a new claim for small claims court filing.
- When changes have occurred in the existing claim.