Employment Resignation Letter

This Employment Resignation Letter is used by someone who is working for a firm or another individual to give written notice to the employer that the employee is choosing to end the employment relationship.
A written notice, in advance, is not only professional, but courteous to your employer as well, and will reflect more positively during the recommendation phase of your relationship.
It can give you the opportunity to explain your reasons for leaving and perhaps salvage the relationship with your current employer.  If at all possible, do not cite reasons that are hostile or inciting. 
A written resignation letter is very important.  For example, the employer may be obligated to notify the employee of the right to continued health insurance benefits.  The notice of these benefits must be sent within a certain time frame or the notice is deemed ineffective.
Make certain that if there was an agreed upon time period for notice, that this letter meets that requirement.

When You Need It
-To formally tell an employer that the employee has resigned and that the employee will no longer be performing any services for the employer.

Getting Started

You will need:
-The name and address of the employer.
-The name and address of the person who is resigning. 
-Reasons for leaving, if you want to provide this information.
-Effective date of resignation.

When to Review and Revise
-If there are changes in the conditions of the resignation.
-If there are changes in the reason for leaving.