Employment Reference Request Letter

This letter is used by an individual to contact a former employer or personal reference to request a personal reference.  
Most prudent employers will not extend an offer of employment to anyone without checking references.  Moreover, a written reference has considerably more staying power than an oral reference.  
Be sure to get a reference from the highest ranking person that will write one, as well as your immediate supervisor.
Current employers are a "sticky" area.  Know the climate and be certain of your relationship with your current employer when requesting a letter of recommendation so that you are not looking for a new job sooner than you need to be.

When You Need It
-When you are looking for a new job, or to keep your resume portfolio up to date.

Getting Started

You will need:
-The name and address of prospective employer.
-The name and address of current or former employer.

When to Review and Revise
-When requesting a letter from a different employer.