Child Care Instructions

The Child Care Instructions provide instructions and helpful information to a baby sitter or other person caring for a child for a short time.  
It does not grant any authority to the caretaker.  If you want to grant authority to someone to act in your extended absence, see the Temporary Child Guardianship form included with this program.
Provides such useful data as emergency contacts, medical information, importance information and other pertinent lists specific to the individual child.
Go over the instructions and information with your caretaker.  Explain any unusual or special items, especially any that have changed since the last time you worked with the caretaker.  
Print multiple copies.  Give one to the caretaker, and post another on the refrigerator.

When You Need It
-When your child is going to be left in the care of another for any period of time

Getting Started

You will need:
-Names and ages of all children for which care is being provided.
-Emergency contact information, including cell phones and others who can help.
-Emergency service numbers for your area such as fire, police and medical services.
-Information from health insurance that is provided to your child/children.

When to Review and Revise
-Revised and updated for any new occurrences or changes in any of the information provided.