Change of Address Letter

The Change of Address Letter is used to notify friends, relatives, magazines, and others of the sender's new address. 
While a change of address letter is not hard to do, having this application form can help  generate multiple letters in less time.  You can save select letters on your computer with other application files as a handy record of those you have contacted. 
In addition to friends and relatives, make sure you notify the following: banks, insurance companies, current and former employers (especially if you have retirement benefits), credit card issuers, stockbrokers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, motor vehicle department, schools, voter registration and The Internal Revenue Service (IRS Form 8822). 

When You Need It 
-The change of address letter is most commonly used prior to or just after a move to a new address. 
-It may also be used if you believe you are not getting forwarded mail. 

Getting Started 
-Obtain the names and addresses of all those needing to be notified of the change 
-Have the effective start date of the new address for those being notified 
-Plan how far in advance some will need to be notified.  For example, you should let magazines and other periodicals know at least four weeks before your move as they often print their mailing labels two weeks or more ahead mailing. 

When to Review and Revise 
-When information in the letter needs to be changed or updated. 
-If you move to another new address.