Birth Certificate Request

This letter is used to request an official copy of a birth certificate.
The letter is generally sent to the Bureau of Vital Statistics for the county and/or state where the person was born.
An official certificate of birth will be on file at the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the county/state where the person was born.
Most states charge a fee for this service.  Find out the cost and include that with your request.

When You Need It
-The most common reason for requesting a birth certificate is for identification purposes.
-Requests may also be needed for passports, school, social security and marriage.

Getting Started

You will need:
-Name and address of the person requesting the birth certificate.
-Name appearing on the birth certificate
-Father's full name
-Mother's full name, including maiden name.
-Date of birth, including day, month and year.
-Location of birth (city and state, if born in the U.S.).

When to Review and Revise
-If birth certificate is misplaced or lost
-Erroneous information was given on the original request.