Acceptance of Employment

The Acceptance of Employment is a letter used by an individual to formally accept an offer of employment.
Although most individuals eagerly call to notify their new employer that they have accepted a job offer, it is also wise to notify the employer in writing.
The written notice of acceptance helps to ensure that there will be no confusion by the employer about the acceptance.  A written acceptance helps to verify the particulars of the offer, including the day the job starts and the salary. 
Lastly, if the employer later decides to revoke the offer of employment, a copy of the written acceptance letter can help you if you seek redress for the loss of the job.

When You Need It
-To formally accept an offer of employment. 
-To document the acceptance of an offer of employment if you are the employer.

Getting Started

You will need:
-The Employee's name and address.
-The Employer's name, contact person and address. 
-Specifics about the job, including title, job description, benefits and compensation.

When to Review and Revise
-If a change in job description, title, benefits or compensation arises.